Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard®
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ShorrBoard® Portable Height-Length Measuring Boards are in use in more than 120 countries worldwide by a variety of organizations, institutions, and international agencies for more than 35 years. 

The versatile Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® is convertible since the same board is used to measure the recumbent length of infants less than 2 years of age laying down and the standing height of children 2 years of age, older   children and adults. This is a three-piece measuring board that collapses and is secured to a compact unit of 79.4 cm (31.2 in) where the three panels are held together with self-contained spring-loaded hand-turned bolts.

ShorrBoards® are made of high quality hardwoods with a weather-resistant finish; extremely strong and durable, accurate, easy to assemble and use; portable with an adjustable, removable two-inch wide, very strong braided nylon shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The moveable Auto-Lock head/footpiece slides smoothly up and down the measuring board and instantly locks automatically in position where it is placed on the board above the subject’s head for standing height (there are no knobs to turn) or at the child’s feet when taking recumbent length measurements,  leaving the user’s hands free to  position the subject.

Capacity:  80.5” x 1/8” / 204.5 x 0.1 cm
Weight:     13 lb / 5.9 kg
Measuring units:  Inches, Centimeters or Combo (Inches/Centimeters)


The optional durable, weather-resistant ShorrBoard® Carry Case is highly recommended for addeed protection in the field.  The case is padded with thick foam and has interior lining; and the large zippered exterior pocket is useful for supplies.  The SBCase is specially priced and ships free when purchased with the ShorrBoard®.


Choose the Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® 2-pack for 2 ICA boards/box for economcy of shipping.


ShorrBoard® Warranty:  Limited 1-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defect, with repair or replacement, as deteremined by manufacturer. Any damage reported must be documented with digital photos for us to determine the nature and extent of the damage.  Warranty does not cover damage due to usage, nor does it cover any shipping costs, which are the responsibility of the customer.  MUST BE RETURNED IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING. See Terms and Conditions on the Customer Service page.

  • Item #: ICA-1
  • Manufacturer: Weigh and Measure, LLC
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ICA

Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard®

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