Seca 264 Stadiometer with Wireless Transmission

The seca 264 stadiometer helps make that possible. For example, the heel positioner and the seca Frankfurt Line on the headpiece ensure that the patient is in the right position and thereby contribute to obtaining accurate measurements. Height measurements can be read with a quick glance at the white backlit display on the headpiece. Wireless data transmission is made to a seca digital printer with wireless transmission, a PC or a wireless scale.

Measuring range: 11"  – 7 ft 2"  / 30 – 220 cm
Graduation: 1/8" /1 mm
Functions: HOLD, inch/cm switch-over, user-defined zero setting, automatic switch-off, SEND/PRINT
RS232 compatible

Warranty:  Limited 2 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defect. Contact us with 30 days for any warranty issues, after that the manufacturer is to be contacted directly.  See Terms and Conditions on the Customer Service page.

  • Item #: s-264
  • Manufacturer: Seca

Seca 264 Stadiometer with Wireless Transmission

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