Seca 703 Column Scale with Height Rod
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From weighing small children to obese patients, the seca 703 column scale can do it all! Especially when it comes to finding out BMI and height. The seca 703 scale is equipped with two options: integrate a mechanical measuring rod or receive data wirelessly from a separate digital stadiometer. Other advantages of the seca 703 column scale include a high load bearing capacity of up to 660 lbs, slip resistant cast iron base and anti-tip column design. With everything primed for the future and integration in any EMR system, measurements can be transmitted wirelessly via the seca 360° wireless system.

Capacity: 660 lbs / 300 kg
Graduation: 0.1 lbs < 330 lbs > 0.2 lbs /50 g < 150 kg > 100 g
Functions: TARE, pre-TARE, mother/child-function,HOLD, auto-HOLD, BMI, auto-CLEAR,
lbs/kg switch-over, damping, automatic switch-off, SEND/PRINT
Measuring rod: 3-90 inch x 1/8" / 6-230 cm x 0.1 cm
Optional: Power adapter seca 447, switch-mode power adapter seca 400; seca 456 USB, thermal printer

Warranty:  Limited 2 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defect. No warranty on moving parts. Contact us within 30 days for any warranty issues, after that the manufacturer is to be contacted directly.  See Terms and Conditions on the Customer Service page.

  • Item #: S-703HR
  • Manufacturer: Seca

Seca 703 Column Scale with Height Rod

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